At present, the engine manufacturing industry in the manufacturing process due to the complex workshop working environment, at the same time, the number of equipment on the production line, complicated conditions, traditional management methods ha...

At present, the engine manufacturing industry faces several drawbacks in its manufacturing process due to the complex working environment of the workshop, the presence of multiple equipment on the production line, and complicated conditions. Traditional management methods have led to low production efficiency, difficult quality control, long research and development cycles, among others. To address these issues, this study focuses on the engine manufacturing process and utilizes digital twin technology to establish a digital twin model that represents the running state of the manufacturing process. The co-intellectual relationship between the digital twins of the product itself and other forms of digital twins, such as production equipment and production processes, helps simulate the production process, optimize parameters, monitor key indices, and evaluate the process capability.

The study is divided into three main aspects. Firstly, the composition of equipment, production flow, and working principles of the engine manufacturing process are analyzed, and a digital twin construction framework for the workshop is established, along with the formulation of construction steps for the digital twin model. Secondly, high-fidelity digital twin models of the engine manufacturing workshop are constructed using 3dMax and Unity platforms, and the mapping of the workshop system in the physical world is completed in virtual space through a process method of constructing workshop scene models and equipment models. Finally, a 3D visual monitoring system is developed for the workshop, which collects heterogeneous multi-source data and connects it to the information model through OPC UA and other technologies. The data-driven model reproduces the actual device motion path and motion state into the digital twin model, and sensors and measurement and control equipment transmit the state of the manufacturing entity to the digital twin. This helps grasp the product manufacturing status and fault situation in real-time and complete the 3D visual monitoring of engine manufacturing workshop.

The research results show that digital twinning technology can effectively virtualize and integrate the entire manufacturing process, providing a comprehensive database and reliable analysis mode for management to guide workshop production and solve workshop problems. This study also proves the practicability and superiority of digital twin technology in the manufacturing industry, which is of great significance in promoting the intelligence and digitalization of the manufacturing industry.


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